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About Us

Our story began in 2018 when we brought home our beautiful little Mini Foxy puppy, Dante. Weighing in at only 1.3kg at eight weeks, we couldn't find a reasonably priced dog harness that looked nice and worked with his short little legs and chubby little body. As he grew he had to put up with poorly fitting harnesses and other humans laughing that he had a lot of growing to do!

With so many beautiful little dogs around, we were shocked that there wasn't more choice. We went in search of manufacturers. To our delight and our sweet little boy's joy, not only could we get our hands on beautiful harnesses and collars but also unique clothing too! 

Bowwow.shop is a collection of beautiful and unique fashion items for your dog. We strive to find a balance between quality, gorgeous fashion, comfort and affordability. When selecting items we ask, "would we be proud to have our dog to wear that?"