Dog Model

You are in the right spot! After submitting your information below, our team will review your application and check that you meet our Social Media promotion criteria (explained below).

Being a brand ambassador for BowWow means a lot and can help you to grow your fan-base.

Not only will you contribute with amazing photos of your pooch's clothes on Instagram and Facebook, but you will also review the product on our store to advise other dogs owners with correct sizing selection

If your photos are done with a professional camera, you will be featured in our store homepage and receive exposure on our partner networks!

Yes, your pooch will be promoted all around the web!


  • Make sure you follow us on Instagram and Facebook;
  • Your dog needs to have at least 500 followers, we recommend 1000+ for the maximum benefits of this program;
  • Your dog IG profile needs to be public.

If you don't see a form below, please refresh the page. 


  • After 48hours our marketing team will contact you regarding your application;
  • As part of BowWow ambassador program, you will be shopping in every category of the store with 25% Off on all products for orders above $30.
  • Make sure you add our email address to your favourite contacts!


  • Do a photo review to be published on our website (we will remind you through email);
  • Take beautiful landscape photos, send them to us and publish on social media (Tag @bowwow.collection on the photo)

This is a great opportunity to start building a great following for your dog on social media while building a wardrobe of UNIQUE and AMAZING clothes and accessories for your pooch.